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In Which I’m Doing A Dream Wedding.

This is going to be fun. Weddings are fun anyway, and this couple is very relaxed about the whole experience, which would make it even more fun anyway, but there’s a unique twist to this one. Let me explain:

Last August I did a couple of weddings (as I blogged then, I’m Totally Legal(TM) in the state of WA), and shortly after the second one I got a call from the bride that her brother was looking for someone to do his wedding. They had initially planned on doing just a small wedding later this year, as his fiancee is in medical school so time and resources are limited.

It turns out that her brother and his fiancee won a contest with a local television show in which the prize was a $50,000 dream wedding. So cool!

I’m excited to be officiating and look forward to being part of this day. I didn’t know the bride and groom before they asked me to do the wedding, and I don’t know any of the other couples that entered the contest, but even so, I’m pretty sure that it couldn’t have gone to a nicer or more deserving couple. I’m honored to be a part.

And the groom tells me that the cake is going to be awesome. [/happy cake dance]


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In Which I Married Someone Else Other Than My Wife.

I just found this in my Drafts section here on the ol’ blog. I thought I had posted this a long time ago, but apparently I didn’t. So I’m posting it now. I’m still totally legal to do weddings in Washington State, for life. The whole internet has ordained me. (When I did a wedding in Indiana about 10 years ago, I almost had to give blood, my first-born child, and get letters from 42 different people saying that I am who I claim to be. It’s easier, I think, to get into Cuba.)

This was the first of two weddings I did this summer, and while I used much of the same language for both, it was different in a few ways. First, I used a different scripture passage, so the message was unique to them. Second, there are older children from the groom’s previous marriage, and I wanted to include them in the ceremony — to communicate that the bride wasn’t just marrying their dad, but making a commitment to them as well. Third, they wrote their own vows (which the bride ended up having to ad lib, because her written copy had been left in the dressing room. Note to self: If future couples want to write their vows, get a copy to keep in my pocket, too.)

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In Which I Married Someone Other Than My Wife.

You may or may not know that I am totally legal to perform weddings in the State of Washington. (It really doesn’t take much. But I slaved over it. Took at least five clicks.) In the last month I’ve done two weddings and I really enjoyed the opportunity.

I don’t usually like to toot my own horn, but at the wedding last weekend I had a lot of people tell me how much they appreciated my words. The photographer told me she’s been married for 11 years and has been to a LOT of weddings and that this one was the best she’d been to because of the lack of cheesy sentimentality. She said that she kept wanting to shout, “Yes!” but was able to restrain herself.

I was very deliberate in the words I chose for a couple of reasons. The couple I was marrying have been together for years, live together and have a two-year-old son. I wanted to emphasize that rather than just “making it legal,” they were making a significant change; that before this moment, they shared a life together but now they were making a commitment ’til death, to each other and to their son and any future children.

I also wanted to acknowledge that it was a commitment they were entering into with full knowledge of the realities of life together, as they have been together long enough that the lovey-dovey stage has passed and the reality of raising a toddler is fully upon them.

I had a great time doing the wedding; their son was the ring-bearer and added MUCH entertainment and suspense to the festivities (especially when the bride picked him up in her beautiful white dress as he clutched a chocolate-milk drink box).

I really enjoyed the wedding I did earlier this month as well, and as that one was a family member, it made it all the more enjoyable to be a part of their day. I used much of the same language for both weddings, with several differences to make each ceremony more personal.

Keep reading if you want to read the most recent ceremony. I’ll post the ceremony from earlier this month tomorrow.

To respect their privacy, I’ve renamed the family.

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