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In Which We Finally Go Back To School.

The strike has ended here in Kent and tomorrow my boys both start at new schools. Chester moved into the “highly capable” program last year, which meant he was moved to a different school along with a few kids from several other schools. However, due to technical blahbedy-blah the kids from his home school (Park Orchard) will be feeding to a different school this year. So tomorrow he starts at his third school in three years.

If he hadn’t gotten so much out of the program last year, we wouldn’t even bother with it this year — he’s doesn’t do terribly well with change. But the folks I talked to at the district office didn’t really seem to care that we had any concerns about that or have any openness to suggestions. Probably the same folks that were handling the bargaining this year. Ba-dum ting! Thank you, kids, I’ll be here all week.

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