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Things I Should Be Surprised To Hear Larry King Say, #3.

Heard this one the other night, asked of Surgeon General Dr. Sanjay Gupta who was discussing hypothermia in relation to the water landing in New York last week:

“You can only get hypothermia in the water?”

How many mountain-climbing-related stories and interviews do you think Mr. King has covered over the years?


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Things I Should Be Surprised to Hear Larry King Say, #2.

So when I mentioned the other day that I should make this a new category, it was kind of a joke. But then tonight, Larry said this, talking to the medical director for the LA County Department of Children and Famiy Services:

“You have child abuse cases every day here, Dr. Sophy?”
“Yes we do.”
“In L.A.”
“Yes we do.”
“Every day?”
“Every day.”
“So it’s not just polygamy . . .”


And thus a new category is born.


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In Which Larry King Needs Some Help.

The Wise One and I are watching tonight’s Larry King Live, and he just asked a group of seven mothers from the Mormon compound, randomly, “Did you ever think polygamy is wrong?”

Yes, Larry. They’re on tv in their homemade matching dresses with 14-inch bangs to defy their prophet and denounce the only life they’ve ever known. And you’re only six minutes into the interview.

And they just cut for a commercial break: Larry says, “Well, we know polygamy is against US law; we’ll ask if it’s against God’s law, right after this.” Larry’s been senile for a while, but sometimes I think he’s actually starting to lose it completely.

Maybe I’ll start a new blog category: Things I Never Thought I’d Hear Larry King Say.

Update: Here’s a teeny tiny screen shot from the website; notice that the lady in the back right is asleep. Again. (She slept through most of the interview.)

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