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In Which This Gave Me A Much Needed Laugh.

After a couple of days feeling pretty down, this made me laugh pretty hard when I watched it Saturday night — the whole show did, actually, but this was just the right combination of hilarious, weird and awkward that I needed:

[Update: Apparently, it’s been yanked from YouTube, but for now you can see it here.]


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In Which iAsk The Internet For Rock & Roll Advice.

As part of my duty to educate my children, we bought Peanut an “iPod” for Christmas (it’s a $25 off-brand that will probably last 6 months, but iCan’t bring myself to spend that much money on something that’s probably going to go through the wash before it would otherwise die a natural cheap electronic death).

He loves Rock & Roll. I’ve got some lists of The Greatest Rock & Roll Songs of All Time that I’m going to read through looking for ideas for what to put on his mp3 player, but wanted to ask the internets for suggestions. I’m looking for anything that won’t be objectionable lyrically, but is a bit more complex, musically, than Raffi.

There will be Police songs on there (of course), U2, some Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, James Taylor, Stevie Wonder, Boston, Paul Simon — hopefully a good mix of old and new, fast and slow, just good songs that will help foster an appreciation of music. His two favorite songs right now are Sweet Home Alabama and Smoke on the Water.

I’ll post the playlist here, once we get it loaded. So, internets, what songs would you suggest?


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In Which Jeremy Made Me Think Of Two Completely Unrelated Stories.

Inspired by this conversation, I will now share two stories with the internets:

1. I was down in LA for some training or something a few years back, and while I was at the airport waiting for my flight to board, I noticed a woman sitting across from me who looked pretty familiar, but I couldn’t place exactly where I knew her from. Was it someone I knew from back home? Someone from college? I was in LA, so the odds were better here than, say, in Dallas, that she might be an actress or someone I had seen in a commercial or something.

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In Which I May Or May Not Have A Blog.

Happy World Philosophy Day! Here’s a little something for your mind grapes.

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In Which I’m Done Being Polite.

Dear Friends and Family,

I am just done being polite.

Having been on the receiving end of an anthrax hoax the night before last, I’m going to take my gloves off for a minute and just speak my mind.

I know this will be long, but please take a few minutes to read it, and to give me your feedback. Because I hope that this isn’t just Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder rearing up, but rather my little brain finally putting words to some long-held convictions.

This is not in response to any particular email or conversation; this is not directed to anyone specifically, but it is in response to some things that God has been stirring up in me this week, and last night just lit the fuse.

Consider it an anti-endorsement.

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In Which I Talk To Chester About Drugs, And Other Thoughts About Television.

We probably watch more tv than we should (thank you, tivo, for making me feel so gol-durned efficient while doing so!), and as the boys get older I have to be aware of what’s on when they’re around.

I was reminded of this the other night when Peanut was playing with his cars and as one was driving away from the other, he yelled, “Get back here, you b****!”

We had a talk.

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In Which I Finally Post About Rocks.

Life, illness, and just plain procrastination kept me from getting this up any sooner. I apologize to those who helped me with these thoughts, and hope you find this at least half as interesting and inspiring as I did.

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