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In Which My Plans Changed.

Today was the “full force” rally by teachers and parents at the district office. I took the boys toward the end of the rally because I didn’t think they’d last the two hours. We apparently missed the Teamsters truck, but there were hundreds and hundreds of people.

It was a good opportunity for the boys to see the scale of this strike. We took Peanut to the parents’ rally after the court hearing on Wednesday, but by that time most folks had gone home. Today they saw the hundreds of teachers lining the streets on both sides and we talked about how this is really affecting a lot of people and not just the teachers at our school. 

After the rally I was walking the boys to the car and my cell phone rang. On the other end was a friend of mine asking if I would be available in about 40 minutes to meet with a group of parents and Superintendent Vargas and the School Board President, Jim Berrios.

Haircuts rescheduled, throw the boys out the car window at grandma & grandpa’s, and I was there. Dressed for a rally on a hot afternoon rather than a meeting, but formality has never been a strong point of mine, anyway.

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In Which I Receive A Response.

Wednesday night I sent a copy of my post below to the school board and Superintendent Vargas. Thursday morning, to my surprise, I received a response from Dr. Vargas. In the interest of the same transparency I asked them for, I’m posting his response here.

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In Which I’m Dismayed By The Kent School District’s Action.

Yadda yadda disclosure: I am stating these opinions as a parent and not as a PTA member.

Kent School District is committed to maintaining a learning and working environment free from harassment, discrimination, intimidation, and bullying. Employees, volunteers, parents, and students can expect to be treated with dignity, respect, and understanding. [Kent School District Parent Handbook]

As a parent of students at both Park Orchard and Meridian Elementaries, I’ve been concerned about the bargaining process since I first began hearing rumblings about a strike in May or June.

I sympathize with what the teachers are asking for, but I also understand that the district does not have unlimited resources. Both sides are faced with difficult decisions, and I do not envy those who have participated in the bargaining process.

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In Which Someone Paid Attention To The Words.

I ran across this video a couple of weeks ago. Even though the election has passed, this is just a great idea, and very well executed. Next Olympic sport: Synchronized Debating.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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In Which Boston Legal Gets It.

I was watching this tonight and thought this clip was fantastic. This summed up in two minutes everything that is wrong with American political debate. You have to watch through the yelling to the end:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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In Which I Single-Handedly Rescue The Newspaper Industry.

Things in the newspaper industry have been pretty dismal the last few years, but I think I have figured out how to solve our woes: Elect Barack Obama more often.

Newspapers all over the country are reporting how long the lines were/have been/are today, how early they sold out, and how many additional press runs were ordered. I haven’t seen anything yet, but I’m curious to see what our circulation was. Early reports said they were “flying off the shelves.”

Our front page today was pretty classy; if you want to look at other front pages from around the country, there’s a roundup here.


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In Which I Post Something For The Google.

I am posting this here for one reason: I was unable to find anything about it online, so I called Charles Stanley’s organization, In Touch Ministries, and was told that it was not written by Charles Stanley and that it was “totally false” to claim that he had written it. Hopefully by putting it here, if anyone else searches for it, they will find what they are looking for. If anyone from the internets comes across this and wants to verify it for themselves, the number for In Touch is 1-800-789-1473.

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