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In Which My Work Is Rejected By A Five Year Old.

When Peanut started preschool, we were given a piece of paper to put pictures on and decorate, and they would laminate it and use it for a placemat for snack time.

Stellar parents that we are, we lost it. But only after going through piles of pictures with him and putting the paper and said pictures in a folder to keep them together/lose them together.

Yesterday I finally got back to making one for him. I spent a couple of hours Tuesday night looking through pictures and found a bunch of pictures of him eating. Crazy me, I thought “Hey, snack time placemat with pictures of him eating. How fun!”

So I opened up Comic Life and put together a pretty fun page. Then I printed it out, and showed it to him.


I read it to him. He laughed. Then said, “I don’t want that one.”


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In Which I Am Thankful.


I got home last night from work to find Peanut asleep in my bed. He was running a fever and had climbed into bed with mommy, so I left him there and climbed into his bed instead. This morning when mommy left for work, I went back into my own bed to get a bit more sleep.

Later this morning, after I hit snooze a few times, I rolled over just in time to watch him wake up. He opened his eyes, gave me a great big sleepy grin, then reached out his hand and just laid it on my shoulder. He left it there, and just laid there, smiling. Finally he mumbled, “Good morning.”

Man, I’m going to miss these moments. They’re already few and far between with Chester, and now Peanut is getting older — he’ll be five very soon. Well before I’m ready for him to grow up, he’ll grow up anyway.

For now, I still have these moments, and the diving, leaping hug at the door when Daddy comes in, and two boys, in bunk beds, almost-but-not-quite waking up when I get home from work, giving me sleepy-breath kisses, looking past me and saying good night to the wall.

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In Which We Learned About The Electoral Process.

electoral map

Above: Peanut (4) and Chester (9) display their mad Electoral skills.

Last week I picked up a copy of Schoolhouse Rock: The Election Collection. I thought it would be fun to watch with the boys, but there was a surprise inside — a map of the US listing the number of electoral votes from each state, along with a set of red and blue stickers for keeping track on election night.

As a memorial to Tim Russert, who has been sorely missed in this campaign, I taped the map onto a white board that the boys have, and we followed along.

Wow, I’m really a nerd.


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In Which I Finally Post About Rocks.

Life, illness, and just plain procrastination kept me from getting this up any sooner. I apologize to those who helped me with these thoughts, and hope you find this at least half as interesting and inspiring as I did.

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In Which I Try to be Motivational, but Fail.

Here’s a shot from our Fourth of July party. This one’s for you, Matty! (Click on the image if you want to see it larger, or you want to print it to display in your office.)


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In Which We Celebrate Twelve Years of Marriage.


Sixteen years ago, I took The Wise One to prom. Yesterday we celebrated 12 years of marriage. As we discussed yesterday over dinner at the Keg, some of those years have been better than others, but we’ve been blessed to have each other all this time.

In our wedding, Jim Lyon read to us Song of Solomon 2:15:

Catch for us the foxes,
the little foxes
that ruin the vineyards,
our vineyards that are in bloom.

He warned us to be on the lookout for the little foxes, the little things that would sneak in and steal from what we have together. Over the years there have been many little foxes (and a few bears), but we have beaten them with sticks.

So my advice, since you didn’t ask, for a long and happy marriage:

1. Laugh together. A lot. My wife is my best friend, in part because she understands my twisted sense of humor. We tease each other. We joke around. We want someday to have our own radio show, but we don’t think anyone would listen. But if we had our own radio show, we would listen to it.

2. PDA is AOK. I’m still learning this one — and she lets me know when I’m not doing it — but little things like putting my arm around her in public, holding her hand, etc., mean a lot. Actually, it’s not so much that it means a lot; it’s that the absence of those things means more.

3. Keep a stick around. Be on the lookout for those little foxes, because they’re sneaky. The bears, they tend to make themselves known. The foxes, not so much — if you’re not watching for them, you only really notice they’ve been there by the crap they leave behind. Don’t be afraid to beat them. Hard. Unless the foxes are your children. Never beat your children.

Happy anniversary, my love. May we have many more, and may the best be yet to come.


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In Which I Have A New Toy.

I’ve wanted a new laptop for a while now, and the stars finally aligned this month at work. How very geek of me to post it on the ol’ blog:


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