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In Which This Gave Me A Much Needed Laugh.

After a couple of days feeling pretty down, this made me laugh pretty hard when I watched it Saturday night — the whole show did, actually, but this was just the right combination of hilarious, weird and awkward that I needed:

[Update: Apparently, it’s been yanked from YouTube, but for now you can see it here.]


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In Which My Work Is Rejected By A Five Year Old.

When Peanut started preschool, we were given a piece of paper to put pictures on and decorate, and they would laminate it and use it for a placemat for snack time.

Stellar parents that we are, we lost it. But only after going through piles of pictures with him and putting the paper and said pictures in a folder to keep them together/lose them together.

Yesterday I finally got back to making one for him. I spent a couple of hours Tuesday night looking through pictures and found a bunch of pictures of him eating. Crazy me, I thought “Hey, snack time placemat with pictures of him eating. How fun!”

So I opened up Comic Life and put together a pretty fun page. Then I printed it out, and showed it to him.


I read it to him. He laughed. Then said, “I don’t want that one.”


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In Which I Should Be, But Am Not, Surprised.

I wanted to post something about these last week, but jury duty ate my available brain cells. Just a couple of things I came across in pop culture that gave me pause:

1. Last weekend I was watching X-Men on tv and during the commercials they were showing previews of the new Hulk movie. At the end of the clip, they showed the typical frame with the credits, etc. But something at the bottom caught my eye. It went away fast enough (I wasn’t watching on Tivo so couldn’t go back) that I had to make a point of watching for it again. And sure enough, I wasn’t seeing things. There on the bottom of the screen:


Really? Nevermind the gratuitous violence that a movie like Hulk is guaranteed to have, the likelihood of questionable language or whatever else may be present, this is what Hollywood feels they need to warn people about? Wow.

2. Tomato mania led to this handy chart from the Today show. I saw it on screen on the show and, fortunately for my blogging purposes, they posted a similar graphic on their website.


My thought: Who is watching this coverage and thinking, “I wonder if those tomatoes out on my patio are responsible for this nationwide salmonella outbreak?” Either they get more calls from these nutjobs than we realize if they don’t include that bit of information and so include it as a preventive measure, or they really hold their audience in such low regard that they include it to be helpful.

Having worked the switchboard at a major metropolitan daily paper, I’m inclined to believe the first; having seen some of the drivel they pass off as news on the third and now fourth hour of that program, I don’t doubt the second.

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In Which Summer Is Here.

This is one of my favorite times of the year, and here’s why: grilling. I love meat; I love grilling, smoking, making jerky — there’s nothing like meat that’s been teased with real fire. I’m watching Good Eats on the Food Network (one of my favorite shows) and many of the commercials are for grilling/barbecue shows. I’ve been lamenting that there’s nothing on the ol’ tivo while we’re in the lull between the end of the fall/spring tv shows and the start of the summer shows (Burn Notice, anyone?); it’s time to turn the BBQ wishlist back on. I love you, tivo!


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