In Which I Post For CyberSermon 2.

A while back, while I was preparing a message for Crosspointe at Kent Covenant Church, I did an experiment where I asked for your thoughts. It was so much fun, I thought I’d do it again.

I’ll be speaking this Sunday in the youth service on the biblical story of Hosea, who was instructed by God to marry a prostitute. It’s a bit more obscure than my last experiment, but if you have any insights or interesting things you’ve read or heard about this story or this topic, post it here for discussion. If the story reminds you of any pop culture references — movies, songs, Lifetime movies, etc. — share that as well. This is one of my favorite stories in the Bible and I’m curious if others are intrigued by this story as much as I am.

Thanks for playing!


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One response to “In Which I Post For CyberSermon 2.

  1. I received two responses to this request; seems people have a lot more stories about rocks than about prostitutes.

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