In Which The Clock Starts.

Snow Globe 2

Sixty days. One hundred days. We’ve been unable to say exactly how long I would have a job; the paper is for sale for sixty days, but then how long after that process does the whole operation shut down? And for those of us in the IT department, do we have to stick around and check in laptops, unplug equipment, etc?

Today I got the official letter, and it answers the question at least a little more specifically.

On January 9, 2009, Hearst Communications, Inc., the parent company of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, announced it was putting the P-I up for sale and that, if a buyer is not found within 60 days, publication of the P-I as a six-day-a-week newspaper will cease. If that occurs it is anticipated that all jobs at the P-I will be eliminated, including yours.The facility closing and loss of employment will be permanent . . .

It is difficult to provide an exact date of closure, but permanent layoffs will not occur any earlier than March 18, 2009, and may extend to April 1, 2009.

So there it is. In black and white, addressed to me. Poop.

At least now I have a target to keep in mind: March 18.



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3 responses to “In Which The Clock Starts.

  1. Sister

    I just watched an independent film last night with Matthew Perry. Paid a buck. Worth about a buck. Anyway he was struck with an irritable bowel and couldn’t poop for about 3 months and in the end, he pooped on his neighbor’s lawn…a neighbor who caused him a great deal of stress. Imagine how good that poop must have felt, after saving it and stressing over it for 3 months. I was just thinking maybe…it might feel good anyway.
    Love you.

  2. cairo10

    What are sisters for??

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