In Which iAsk The Internet For Rock & Roll Advice.

As part of my duty to educate my children, we bought Peanut an “iPod” for Christmas (it’s a $25 off-brand that will probably last 6 months, but iCan’t bring myself to spend that much money on something that’s probably going to go through the wash before it would otherwise die a natural cheap electronic death).

He loves Rock & Roll. I’ve got some lists of The Greatest Rock & Roll Songs of All Time that I’m going to read through looking for ideas for what to put on his mp3 player, but wanted to ask the internets for suggestions. I’m looking for anything that won’t be objectionable lyrically, but is a bit more complex, musically, than Raffi.

There will be Police songs on there (of course), U2, some Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, James Taylor, Stevie Wonder, Boston, Paul Simon — hopefully a good mix of old and new, fast and slow, just good songs that will help foster an appreciation of music. His two favorite songs right now are Sweet Home Alabama and Smoke on the Water.

I’ll post the playlist here, once we get it loaded. So, internets, what songs would you suggest?



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7 responses to “In Which iAsk The Internet For Rock & Roll Advice.

  1. cairo10

    Kansas, Rush and anything from Bob & Tom … wait what were the stipulations??

  2. cairo10

    Ok, my wise one responds:
    – Genesis
    – Abba (just a few – our girl asks for the “Drama Queen” song)
    – Wham! and/or Boy George (just because)
    – Styx (Paradise Theater album)
    – Thompson Twins (cause she likes em)
    *** Men without Hats (Peanut has to Safety Dance – we want the YouTube!)

    Education includes the good, bad and the ugly!

  3. There may actually be some things from Bob & Tom that would be *appropriate* but that he wouldn’t get yet — I’m thinking Electric Amish, etc. Maybe I should look at what songs they did as spoofs and see if the originals are worth putting on there.

    As far as the other suggestions, I did have Abba and Genesis (both the Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins versions) on the list, but not the others. Good ones!

  4. michchick

    I have programmed mp3’s for both of my boys and whatever the quantity of songs is really doesn’t matter. They each have a small handful that they listen to over and over.

    Smashmouth’s All Star, BNL’s If I had a Million Dollars, BNL’s album Snacktime (hilarious!), some Weird Al (my kids particularly enjoy Yoda) and mix in some classics from rock’s earlier days like Johnny B. Good and Wipe Out. BTO’s Takin’ Care of Business is another one kids really like.

    Of course, the Beatles! My 8 year old is fascinated with Octopus’ Garden. And don’t forget the Queen combo of We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions.

    Good luck! My mom thought I was insane when I bought my boys mp3 players. After I explained it was safer than them listening to the radio and the inherent inappropriate commercials and ‘jock-talk’ she finally understood.

  5. tom_koz

    I have always been a fan of Hang on Sloopy by The McCoys.
    Also, some Clash, John Lee Hooker, and even Bob Marley would be some suggestions for expanding his tastes (and all have clean songs).

  6. Hummm…

    I would recommend something like;

    Iron Man by Quit Riot
    I love Rock & Roll by Joan Jet
    Old Time Rock & Roll by Bob Seger
    Can’t go wrong with Wham!, Men at Work, Journey and of course, The Cars.

    I will keep thinking about this and get back to you, there is just so much!


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