In Which Jeremy Made Me Think Of Two Completely Unrelated Stories.

Inspired by this conversation, I will now share two stories with the internets:

1. I was down in LA for some training or something a few years back, and while I was at the airport waiting for my flight to board, I noticed a woman sitting across from me who looked pretty familiar, but I couldn’t place exactly where I knew her from. Was it someone I knew from back home? Someone from college? I was in LA, so the odds were better here than, say, in Dallas, that she might be an actress or someone I had seen in a commercial or something.

We made eye contact a couple of times, and she didn’t seem to recognize me at all, so that led me to believe that a) she was not someone I had met before, or b) we had met and she didn’t want me to see her . . . but she wasn’t trying to hide behind a newspaper or avoid making eye contact with me, so that was a good sign. I often find that people who have met me try to avoid me, since I’m such a jerk.

She was sitting with two small children, and one of them climbed onto her lap and said something to her, and she smiled. It was a beautiful smile, a big, familiar smile, and I knew I had seen it somewhere — in a movie, on TV, somewhere.

As she was sitting with her children and playing with them, I didn’t want to be a creepy fan and invade her privacy — especially since I wasn’t sure who she was (“I really love your acting.” “Thanks, but I’m a singer.”), so I just pretended to read my book — I tried actually reading it, but my mind was too preoccupied scrolling through the lbmdb in my mind (little.brain’s movie database, much less reliable than imdb).

A couple of nights before, I had stumbled upon a movie premiere and talked to several celebrities — actors, athletes, musicians, etc. — but that’s for another blog post. Those folks were dressed for the cameras and expected to be recognized, so I had no problem in that setting going up and talking to them. There was no privacy to be invaded. This was different.

It was a week or two later when I finally made the connection — it was Nancy Travis, best known in my mind as Harri-et, hard-hearted-harbinger-of-haggis. She was also in Three Men and a Baby and several other movies and TV shows. She didn’t save my life like Jesse Jackson did, but it was still a memorable encounter, if only because I felt so stupid after I finally realized who she was that it had taken so long for my mind to spark.

2. Down in Missouri, there’s a Precious Moments chapel that we visited one year on our way home from college. It’s one of those places that might be a destination for some, but for us was an after-all-these-signs-and-billboards-we-should-stop-and-see-what-this-is-about-and-stretch-our-legs.

It was a really interesting place, built with a lot of passion and attention to detail. It was also kind of creepy, in that I picture my biblical characters as adults, with normal-size heads. Worth seeing if you’re in the area (F-R-E-E), but I wouldn’t make a special trip.

Thanks, Jeremy, for the random trip down memory lane.



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2 responses to “In Which Jeremy Made Me Think Of Two Completely Unrelated Stories.

  1. OH wow! One of my fav movies…”HEED, PANTS, NOW!”

  2. Just found this one, Paul.

    You’re welcome!

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