In Which My Work Is Rejected By A Five Year Old.

When Peanut started preschool, we were given a piece of paper to put pictures on and decorate, and they would laminate it and use it for a placemat for snack time.

Stellar parents that we are, we lost it. But only after going through piles of pictures with him and putting the paper and said pictures in a folder to keep them together/lose them together.

Yesterday I finally got back to making one for him. I spent a couple of hours Tuesday night looking through pictures and found a bunch of pictures of him eating. Crazy me, I thought “Hey, snack time placemat with pictures of him eating. How fun!”

So I opened up Comic Life and put together a pretty fun page. Then I printed it out, and showed it to him.


I read it to him. He laughed. Then said, “I don’t want that one.”


“I don’t want everyone to see the words.”

Such is the logic of a five-year-old. I had made a second one, a front-and-back, two-for-one deal, and he liked the second one. It had his name on it, and he didn’t want that word on it, either, but I told him it HAD to have his name on it or the teachers wouldn’t know whose it was. (Even though it has his picture all over it.)

I won that one. Sometimes Daddy’s got to put his foot down. Here’s the winning placemat:

Accepted Placemat



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4 responses to “In Which My Work Is Rejected By A Five Year Old.

  1. Love it! Of course I am partial to the red spiked hair and those DIMPLES, how cute is that?

  2. The red spiked hair was for this, which he wanted to wear to church.

  3. Danille

    i want one!!!!

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