In Which I Am Thankful.


I got home last night from work to find Peanut asleep in my bed. He was running a fever and had climbed into bed with mommy, so I left him there and climbed into his bed instead. This morning when mommy left for work, I went back into my own bed to get a bit more sleep.

Later this morning, after I hit snooze a few times, I rolled over just in time to watch him wake up. He opened his eyes, gave me a great big sleepy grin, then reached out his hand and just laid it on my shoulder. He left it there, and just laid there, smiling. Finally he mumbled, “Good morning.”

Man, I’m going to miss these moments. They’re already few and far between with Chester, and now Peanut is getting older — he’ll be five very soon. Well before I’m ready for him to grow up, he’ll grow up anyway.

For now, I still have these moments, and the diving, leaping hug at the door when Daddy comes in, and two boys, in bunk beds, almost-but-not-quite waking up when I get home from work, giving me sleepy-breath kisses, looking past me and saying good night to the wall.


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  1. I am loving the ferry hair! What cuties, I don’t even know them and want to hug ’em and hang onto their babyhood for you!

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