In Which I’m Doing A Dream Wedding.

This is going to be fun. Weddings are fun anyway, and this couple is very relaxed about the whole experience, which would make it even more fun anyway, but there’s a unique twist to this one. Let me explain:

Last August I did a couple of weddings (as I blogged then, I’m Totally Legal(TM) in the state of WA), and shortly after the second one I got a call from the bride that her brother was looking for someone to do his wedding. They had initially planned on doing just a small wedding later this year, as his fiancee is in medical school so time and resources are limited.

It turns out that her brother and his fiancee won a contest with a local television show in which the prize was a $50,000 dream wedding. So cool!

I’m excited to be officiating and look forward to being part of this day. I didn’t know the bride and groom before they asked me to do the wedding, and I don’t know any of the other couples that entered the contest, but even so, I’m pretty sure that it couldn’t have gone to a nicer or more deserving couple. I’m honored to be a part.

And the groom tells me that the cake is going to be awesome. [/happy cake dance]


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  1. That Jewish Lady

    That is so cool!

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