In Which I Made A Barista Uncomfortable.

Yesterday, my dad, my two sisters, my sister-in-law and I walked into a Starbucks in Yakima. Barista says, “What brings you all in today?”

Sounds like the start to a great joke. But there’s no punchline.

I said, “Honestly? We just checked my brother into rehab just up the road, and we just wanted to get a cup of coffee before we start for home.”

My big brother is an alcoholic, and has been for years. It’s hard for me to see what he has done to himself because I know how much fun he can be, how smart he is, how talented he is, and I want him to see himself the way I see him.

This week is going to be hell for him while he detoxes. Except for a few short stretches of “sobriety” (which I now question, because it appears he was just substituting other drugs for the alcohol), he hasn’t been without something in his system in years. The next five days are a “blackout” period, where he is not allowed to have any contact from family or friends while he dries out. He has horrible anxiety and a bit of a temper, so this will not be a fun process, but it’s what he needs to do.

I am so proud of him for finally admitting he needs to do this, that he can’t do it on his own. He has let this control him for way too long.

If you read this, pray for him this week especially, and during the next three or four weeks (we’re not sure yet how long his treatment will be). Pray also for his wife, as she assesses the home situation while he’s gone. There are a lot of external influences on their marriage right now, and she needs wisdom in figuring out how to deal with these in the best way possible.



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3 responses to “In Which I Made A Barista Uncomfortable.

  1. Pat

    God, I pray for total healing for Paul’s brother, strength for him and his family in this difficult journey, and for wisdom for all those involved.

  2. amyloublog

    I stand with Pat in praying for your brother. I commit to praying for however long it takes. May God give your brother the strength to let go of this addiction. And may He give his wife and your family peace throughout this journey. Love you Pauly.

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