In Which I Finally Post About Rocks.

Life, illness, and just plain procrastination kept me from getting this up any sooner. I apologize to those who helped me with these thoughts, and hope you find this at least half as interesting and inspiring as I did.

As a matter of storytelling, I used a lot of pictures at the beginning of the message. I started to post the message here, and without the pictures it didn’t have the same feel, and posting the pictures on here would just make this post way too long (thinking of you, Stockwell), so I laid it out all fancy-like and post it here as a pdf. Partly so you can see it with the images, but with the added benefit of being able to print it out and take it to your favorite reading place and read it at your leisure.

There are a couple of short parts that I cut out when I spoke, in the interest of time, but left in here since the internets are free and I can post it no matter how long it is.

I welcome your comments, critiques, unrelated random thoughts.

Download rocks. Downloads rock.



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4 responses to “In Which I Finally Post About Rocks.

  1. It says file not found?

  2. Should be fixed now. Not sure why it was doing that . . .

  3. Diane Eide

    Great message Paul!

  4. I finally got around to reading it yesterday. You did a great job, Paul!

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