In Which I’m Making Popcorn.

Right now I understand the excitement some people feel when the Superbowl is about to start. I enjoy the Superbowl — as much as any football game, I guess; for me it’s really about the commercials — but I’m almost giddy for this debate to start. I am such a nerd. Go Biden!

I really am making popcorn.



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2 responses to “In Which I’m Making Popcorn.

  1. Alison is with friends at an amazing hotel in Dallas for a convention–and she’s upset she can’t watch the debate! 🙂

  2. Go Biden? Did I miss something? Since when have you slide over to the dark side? Oh my lands, I need to go pray.

    Thanks for the CD, I haven’t had a chance to listen yet. Happy Rosh A-Shawna to u2, or was that Yawn Kimpurr? I forget.

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