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In Which The Word You Want Is “Vegan.”

Last night I got home from work, and before I even took my key out of the lock, I heard The Wise One say, “Ask your father that question.”

Chester shouts, “Dad, is a virgin the kind of person that doesn’t eat anything that comes from animals?”

Um, no.


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In Which Nobody Loves The IT Guys.

Just went out to get lunch, only to find — on my way out of the building — the street blocked off by police, EMTs and 4 fire engines, with crime scene tape all over the building entrance. It seems nobody in the evacuating newsroom bothered to tell the IT guys there was an anthrax threat.

Feel the love.

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In Which I Made A Barista Uncomfortable.

Yesterday, my dad, my two sisters, my sister-in-law and I walked into a Starbucks in Yakima. Barista says, “What brings you all in today?”

Sounds like the start to a great joke. But there’s no punchline.

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In Which No One Got Dead At Church.

Peanut started preschool last Wednesday. The Wise One has been nannying for years and was always able to take him with her, but when she started her new job last month, he had to stay home with me.

We tried to get him into the preschool where Chester went, but we couldn’t until we knew what TWO’s job situation was going to be, and by the time she got her new job, the school was full. So for a couple of weeks in the mornings after dropping Chester off at the bus, Peanut and I would come home and do “school” while we waited out the waiting list.

The librarian at Chester’s old school recommended, and each day we did a couple of letter activities, a worksheet or two, including some of the listening exercises at the bottom of the printable pages, and some games like “What is in this room that starts with ‘S’?” (“Strawberry yogurt that Chester didn’t put away after breakfast!”)

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In Which I Want To Be First Dude.

The following is an unpaid political endorsement, emailed today to our friends and family in Washington State:

Dear Friends,

Rarely do I make such a blatant appeal to sway your vote, but this is an important election and I cannot stay silent any longer.

Like us, you may have been following our WA governor’s race with a little bit of nausea in your stomach at the tone the campaign has taken. Gov. Christine Gregoire hates babies, while her Republican challenger Dino Rossi doesn’t believe in trees.

You can see the conundrum: depending on who you vote for, either our streets will be overrun with sex offenders, or Dino Rossi will invade your privacy in ways you cannot now imagine, even calling you on occasion to ask, “Are you going to eat that last piece of chicken?”

It’s gotten to the point where neither of us feel like we can vote for either one as it would communicate support for the ugly, exaggerated campaign they have run (which seems ridiculous even by political standards).

Therefore, I offer you an alternative write-in choice: My wife, The Wise One.

The Wise One for governor.

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In Which We Could Have Used Some Of These At AU.

Anyone who has spent any time on the campus of Anderson University (except in the dead of winter) knows that these would certainly come in handy.


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In Which I Talk To Chester About Drugs, And Other Thoughts About Television.

We probably watch more tv than we should (thank you, tivo, for making me feel so gol-durned efficient while doing so!), and as the boys get older I have to be aware of what’s on when they’re around.

I was reminded of this the other night when Peanut was playing with his cars and as one was driving away from the other, he yelled, “Get back here, you b****!”

We had a talk.

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