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In Which I Spoke of Rocks and Remembrance.

Saturday night went really well. I hope to have time tomorrow to type up my notes and post them here.

Thank you to everyone who participated in my experiment. I’m absolutely going to do it again.


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In Which I Think About the Role of Government and the Failure of the Church.

I’ve been thinking a bit lately about my support for Obama and what that means in terms of being pro-life and all. This isn’t a post about abortion, but rather a few thoughts on Obama’s social policies and how that relates to our (the church, christians) role in helping others.

My friend Pat wrote a blog post a few weeks ago that I’ve come back to several times, because I really like the way he summed up how being pro-life encompasses so much more than abortion. I highly recommend hitting the pause button on reading this post and going and reading his, along with the comments.

It was one of the comments on that post that I’ve been chewing on and I wanted to post my related thoughts here.

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In Which I Remember 9/11.

9/11: My alarm clock was set to radio and the annoying happy DJ (purposely set because he was annoying enough each morning to make me want to get up out of bed and turn him off) was unusually somber, and then he said one of the towers had been hit. We turned on the Today show and watched for a while.

I work at a newspaper, and it’s always a rush when something big happens.

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In Which I Learn the Difference Between Boys and Girls.

Yesterday, Peanut came up to me and said, quite randomly, “Dad, did you know that girls don’t have penises?”

Me: “That’s right.”

Peanut: “Girls and grandmas. Girls and grandmas both don’t have penises.”


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In Which I Want Your Thoughts and Comments.

I’m going to be preaching again on the 27th at our Saturday night service.

As part of my preparation, I want to try something new and start a conversation here, maybe get some input from the six people who regularly stop by.

Here’s the random brainstorm that I sent to our team; if you have any ideas, questions, reading suggestions, deep thoughts, shallow thoughts, links, etc., I welcome your comments.

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In Which I’m Really Getting Tired Of These Obama Emails.

The Wise One and I got another of these Let’s-Spread-Total-Lies-About-Obama emails today:

Date: September 5, 2008 11:03:11 PM PDT
To: little.brain
Subject: How do you attract 200,000 Germans?

Go figure, huh?

As Paul Harvey would say, ‘Here’s The Rest of the Story.’

There is something the American News Media seem to have left out.

How do you attract 200,000 Germans to an American presidential candidate’s campaign rally in Berlin?

A. With the charisma and reputation of the presidential candidate?
B. With a compelling political message?
C. With lots of advance advertising?
D.With the top two rock bands in Germany giving a free concert with the American candidate coming out for a short speech between the bands?

‘D’ of course.  With the American media following and fawning over Obama, they failed to mention his Berlin speech was not why the crowds were really there.  More than 95% of those attending didn’t understand English, and could care less about Obama or American politics.  They came to see a free concert with the German equivalents of Willy Nelson and Madonna headlining.

Obama’s unwelcome and boring interruption – giving a political speech in a foreign language between the acts – resulted in the crowd giving lame applause a couple of times. Obama didn’t care about the crowd either. His speech was really for the American media and the crowd was a backdrop for the photo ops.  The American media bit on it hook line and sinker and just sorta, kinda, forgot to mention it was the rock bands that really drew the crowds.

Another fact the media missed:  When the French saw the 200,000 Germans, they surrendered again!

On another note.  Someone did the math on Obama the Senator.  He has only been a Senator for 18 months.  But with all the recesses, four day weekends, campaigning and absences, Obama has only spent about six weeks of workdays on the Senate floor as one of the most junior Senators. Most of his votes, about 80% when he was not absent, have been ‘present’ or ‘abstain’.  He also chairs a committee that has never met because the chairman has never called a meeting.    As a trial lawyer he only tried 14 cases in court – and minor ones at that.  As a ‘community organizer’ his major cause was getting the asbestos out of a housing project.  After two years of trying, the asbestos was still there when he left and is still there even now that he is a Senator and presumably has some pull to get things done.

That’s it.  His entire real world work resume.  Six weeks work in the Senate with nothing to show for it. Two years as a lawyer and only 14 minor trials. And two years as a ‘community organizer’ with nothing accomplished.

As we discussed the email and I started to look up some of the “facts,” she started talking about how passing this kind of information along is gossip: “You’re talking about people, and this kind of thing would never be acceptable if we were talking about people we knew. You’d never say this face-to-face; to a Christian, it’s just plain wrong. But it makes it ok if we do it by email?”

The following is the response we sent to the person who sent it to us and a few other relatives:

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In Which The Daily Show Rocks.

This is why I love The Daily Show. In this clip, they show the total hypocrisy of the Republican talking heads (I love it when someone makes Bill O’Reilly look like the tool that he is!), but as anyone who watched the show during the Clinton years knows, they are equal opportunity ridiculers.

Anyway, here’s The Daily Show doing what The Daily Show does best:

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