In Which The Olympics Have Ended, and Other Observations by Peanut.

Sunday night we started watching the closing ceremonies and Peanut says, “Daddy, why are all the people leaving?”

“Because the Olympics are over.”

“Does that mean Michael Phelps finally gets to go home??”


” . . . Can we go see him?”


Apparently, he’s having a hard time with the whole city/state/country distinction. The Wise One and the boys spent the better part of a week in Olympia at Grandma & Grandpa’s, having fun without me. They were watching the Olympics and Grandma started yelling, “Go USA!”

Peanut stopped his own cheering long enough to tell her, “Grandma, root for your own city!”


At one point during the week in Oly, The Wise One and the boys drove past the cemetary where my mother is buried. The Wise One pointed out, “Look, boys, that’s where Grandma Dianne is.” Chester was quick to point out, “Peanut, remember, Grandma Dianne died, and that’s where she lives . . . well, not where she lives, but where her body is . . . ”

The Wise One looked in the rearview mirror just in time to see Peanut look out the window, wrinkle his eyebrows, point his thumb over his shoulder, and say, disappointedly, “Mom . . . that was heaven??”

This is so not going to help us with the I-don’t-want-to-go-to-Sunday-School problem.


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