In Which I Find A Good Cup of Espresso.

Last week when I was on jury duty, I was in need of a good espresso. I asked a couple of the marshals who were working the entrance for their recommendations, and they told me about Motore Coffee up the street.

From the moment I walked in, I knew it was going to be way better than Starbucks. The decor was really cool, the people were friendly, and the barista man knew his stuff. I had a double shot, and it was thick and complex and when I finished it, there was a beautiful layer of crema coating the inside of the cup. Not to beat a theme to death, but it was everything that Starbucks is not.

I was looking for their website yesterday and found their architect’s site with some great pictures. I’ll definitely be going back. Quite possibly the best cup of espresso I’ve ever had.


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