In Which I Am Popular.


I still don’t get the whole MySpace thing — it just seems clunky and poorly designed. But I finally broke down and signed up.



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3 responses to “In Which I Am Popular.

  1. Pat

    I think Facebook is much better. Much less clunky and poorly designed. Even my Dad is now on Facebook…

  2. Once I get the MySpace training wheels off, I think Facebook will be my next online venture. I’m also working on getting a group blog set up for our “emergent”/young-adult/post-modern/without-a-label ministry at church plus attempting a complete redesign of the website at Chester’s school.

    Hey, Pat, speaking of postmodern, any chance your class this summer is being podcasted? Or do you have any good reading lists for people with very little time to read?

  3. Pat

    No, it’s not.

    However, IWU does offer it as an online course if you’re really interested.

    Perhaps I should post my reading list of POMO resources…

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