In Which I Have Parenting Goals.

Two things I hope for as a result of my parenting skills: a strong spiritual foundation and a healthy knowledge of and appreciation for rock and roll (in that order, of course). If they grow up and leave home with a solid grasp of biblical values and faith in Christ that will sustain them through whatever they might encounter in life, I will be a proud parent. If they have that and can tell me who Led Zeppelin’s drummer was, I will be thrilled.

To that end, I like to play different kinds of music when I’m in the car with the boys, and it touches my heart as a father when I hear them yell, “Turn it up, dad!” They love the Black Eyed Peas, Arctic Monkeys, Jane’s Addiction, Vampire Weekend, the Police (of course), the Clash, and They Might Be Giants, and I’m adding new artists to their repertoire constantly. Peanut likes to tell us each what our part is in our car band (“I’ll be the ka-tar”) and we jam. I always have to be the singer because 1) I know the words, and 2) it’s not safe to play the ka-tar while I’m driving.

Tonight on the way home from pizza, Peanut and I were in the car. I decided to put on some Rock Lobster to listen to (classic B-52’s), and no sooner than the first “skedoodliebop” came on the speakers did he say, “Dad, can you turn it down?”

Puzzled, I asked, “Don’t you want to listen to rock and roll?”

“I do, but not if there’s girls singing.”



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4 responses to “In Which I Have Parenting Goals.

  1. The Wise One

    I think we have a little tiny sexist on our hands… or it could just be that girls and pink both evoke the same crunched up nose look of disgust.  

    On the other hand, much to my dismay, Chester is moving along too quickly to the other end of the spectrum.  We went through the girls have cooties phase way too fast, and have come out on the other side.  The other day he was particularly happy.  When I asked why he said it was because one of the girls he likes might like him back, he found out.  I wasn’t jarred as much by the fact that he just told me he liked a girl (which is the first time I had heard anything of the sort) but the fact that he said girls plural!  I said “well how many girls do you like?”  when the replay “5” came I almost fell out of my chair.  I tried to explain to him that liking someone for more then a friend was ususally you only do with one person.  His extremely quick response was “Mom, I’m not planning on marrying any of them, until I am I think it is ok to like as many as I want.”… Chester is 8!!!!!  OH LORD HELP US!!

  2. amyloublog

    Yeah you were priming yourself for this in college. I broadened my musical library through you. In fact, just the other day I heard the Doobie Brothers and first thing I think of is back in the day, road trip to Chicago, listening to China Grove.

  3. . . . and based on the confession you made on your blog recently, you broadened your musical library both figuratively and literally . . .

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