In Which We Celebrate Twelve Years of Marriage.


Sixteen years ago, I took The Wise One to prom. Yesterday we celebrated 12 years of marriage. As we discussed yesterday over dinner at the Keg, some of those years have been better than others, but we’ve been blessed to have each other all this time.

In our wedding, Jim Lyon read to us Song of Solomon 2:15:

Catch for us the foxes,
the little foxes
that ruin the vineyards,
our vineyards that are in bloom.

He warned us to be on the lookout for the little foxes, the little things that would sneak in and steal from what we have together. Over the years there have been many little foxes (and a few bears), but we have beaten them with sticks.

So my advice, since you didn’t ask, for a long and happy marriage:

1. Laugh together. A lot. My wife is my best friend, in part because she understands my twisted sense of humor. We tease each other. We joke around. We want someday to have our own radio show, but we don’t think anyone would listen. But if we had our own radio show, we would listen to it.

2. PDA is AOK. I’m still learning this one — and she lets me know when I’m not doing it — but little things like putting my arm around her in public, holding her hand, etc., mean a lot. Actually, it’s not so much that it means a lot; it’s that the absence of those things means more.

3. Keep a stick around. Be on the lookout for those little foxes, because they’re sneaky. The bears, they tend to make themselves known. The foxes, not so much — if you’re not watching for them, you only really notice they’ve been there by the crap they leave behind. Don’t be afraid to beat them. Hard. Unless the foxes are your children. Never beat your children.

Happy anniversary, my love. May we have many more, and may the best be yet to come.



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4 responses to “In Which We Celebrate Twelve Years of Marriage.

  1. Pat

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. amyloublog

    Happy 12 years!! I almost deleted your post on my blog, but then I happened upon this site and saw it was my long lost Paulie!! Did you see my reference to you in my American Idol finale post? Miss you guys!

  3. The Wise One

    HI honey. Happy anniversary back at ya. While we have dealt with our fair share, or ever more of our fair share of foxes I would still do it all over again in a second… maybe longer but I am confident I would come around to the decision to do it all over again.

    You are an amazing man, the best father I could ever ask for my children. I feel blessed to have been chosen by you and to have been accepted by your family.

    When we are fighting I think the thing that makes me the most angry is that I don’t have you to talk to about it. While it is not the most romantic thing that we should admit we fight. But I love the fact that you are the one that I turn to for everything, and even when I am to stuborn to turn to you during a fight, you are still the one that I want on my side to comfort me and help me through the problem.

    These have been some great years and some hard years and some very hard years, and we would be stupid to think we were strong enough keep all of the foxes out of the fence of our life, but we have made it though them and in the end we have a love for each other that will never quit, two wonderful children, and a life grounded in family, laughter and Christ that I am proud and raise them in.

    Happy 12 years. I love you bug.

  4. I just kissed her for that.

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