In Which Summer Is Here.

This is one of my favorite times of the year, and here’s why: grilling. I love meat; I love grilling, smoking, making jerky — there’s nothing like meat that’s been teased with real fire. I’m watching Good Eats on the Food Network (one of my favorite shows) and many of the commercials are for grilling/barbecue shows. I’ve been lamenting that there’s nothing on the ol’ tivo while we’re in the lull between the end of the fall/spring tv shows and the start of the summer shows (Burn Notice, anyone?); it’s time to turn the BBQ wishlist back on. I love you, tivo!



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2 responses to “In Which Summer Is Here.

  1. Pat

    I got the grill out too. Grilled up some amazing Hot Dogs.

  2. Trina Fischer

    I feel your Tivo pain. I just yesterday, set up a Season Pass to “The Price is Right”.

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