In Which We Enter The Playoffs.

I’m a political junkie. My wife and I don’t give a lick about football, but the passion with which others follow the season is a pretty accurate way to describe how we’ve followed the primaries.

I’ve never understood the concept of watching SportsCenter every night without being bored to tears; heck, I love (LOVE) baseball, but I can’t sit through 9 innings on television. But as the writers’ strike progressed we found ourselves setting season passes on the TIVO for Anderson Cooper and This Week with George Stephanopolous along with regular watchings of The Situation Report, Meet the Press, and other similar shows. Our boys both know who the players are. (Peanut loves saying “Huckabee!” I guess I do, too. Say it out loud; studies show it reduces stress.)

And tonight one team could clinch the title, and in the other league another could gain enough momentum to knock the other out for the season. It’s a beautiful thing, and I’m really interested to see how the campaigns change once it officially (or at least semi-officially) becomes a McCain-Obama race. VP speculation is starting (presidential politics are the only sport where you can combine the excitement of the playoffs and the speculation of the draft at the same point in the season), campaigns are beginning to formulate general election strategies, there are hints of the throwdown to come (public financing, Mr. Obama?).

The difference is, unlike when the Mariners make the playoffs, in this game there’s actually a feeling that my team Could . . . Go . . . All . . . The . . . Way.


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