In Which LOST Makes My Little.Brain Hurt.

Boy, howdy, I loves me some Lost.

But my little brain can only soak up so much of it in an hour — I miss a lot of the little details and some of the philosophy/sci-fi references go right over my head.

That’s why I find J.Wood’s blog at Powell’s Books as important a part of the Lost experience as watching the show itself. It adds whole new levels of understanding to my enjoyment of the show, and if Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse intend even half of the subtext that this guy pulls out of it, they are not just great writers who know how to tell a good story, but sheer frikkin’ geniuses.

J. usually has his posts up by Friday evening/Saturday morning. Since I got to work this morning, I think I’ve hit refresh 48 times. No post yet, but then last night’s episode was particularly wow, so no doubt it’s taking a while. Go. Read. Now. Enjoy.


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